2024 Summer Reading Program

The 2024 Summer Reading Program, “I Larv-a Good Book!”, is centered around the fascinating world of insects and their numerous benefits as vital components of the Earth’s ecosystem. “I Larv-a Good Book” program encourages reading as a means of exploring the intricate tiny universe of insects that surrounds us. To participate in the challenges and have a chance to win wonderful prizes, register here

  • Log your reading.
  • Participate in challenges.
  • Enjoy special events.
  • Weekly crafts.
  • Entomology journal
  • Great prizes

Specials events

June 10th | 3:30pm  | Story Artist Elaine Muray

June 21st | 3:30pm | Bees! Inside the Hive, Pat Carroll

June 29th | 3:30pm | 9-12yo | Magic Workshop with Shawn McMaster | reservations required

June 29th | 7:00pm | for teens and adults | Magic Show with Shawn McMaster

July 5th | 10:00am | Ladybug Release

July 10th | 3:30pm | Luce Puppets present Aesop’s Fables

July 16th | 3:30pm | Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

July 22nd | 3:30pm | Tail Wise Science Show

July 27th | TBD | Santa Barbara Zoo Bug Biofacts!

August 9th | 10:00am | Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

August 16th |  3:30pm | Nathalia Music Concert