Rules of Conduct

Welcome to your Carpinteria Community Library

We welcome everyone to use the Library and its services. We don’t, however, welcome all behaviors and so have developed these guidelines to maintain a pleasant, respectful and secure environment for our Library users of all ages and our Library staff. Let’s work together to create a comfortable space for everyone. Thank you.

Be considerate of others

Keep noise at a reasonable level. It is understood that a vibrant educational facility is not silent, but excessive noise that disturbs other patrons or staff (e.g. loud talking, screaming, playing audio equipment, loud cell phone use, banging on desks or computer keyboards) is prohibited.

Our Library is small so to ensure that our space is shared equitably by all users, please DO NOT:

  • Monopolize library space, furniture, electrical outlets or equipment.
  • Bring onto Library property items that interfere with Library operations, create a health or safety hazard, deny space to other customers, or block aisles or exits. Items singly or collectively may not exceed 24”x14”x12”. Exceptions are items used for medical or mobility purposes or childcare.
  • Leave and/or lock bicycles or other similar devices to anything other than an official bike rack.

Personal hygiene, including body odor and excessive fragrance must not interfere with library patrons use of the Library.

Accompany and take responsibility for those in your care

Children (under 8 years of age) or older children/ adults with special needs must not be left unsupervised. Children under 8 must be accompanied by a person 14 years of age or older.

Use furniture, equipment and spaces for their intended purposes

  • Eat only on the patio or inside the Library Community Room.
  • Drink beverages with a secure top.
  • Library restrooms or water fountains may not be used for bathing, shaving, or washing clothing or dishes.
  • Peddling, soliciting, selling or distributing merchandise, services or printed material, gathering signatures, or canvassing or gambling without permission from the City Librarian or designee is prohibited.
  • Only animals used for assistance with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act may be brought into the Library.
  • The Children’s Area is reserved for children under 18 and their caregivers, or patrons using the children’s collections at the discretion of Library staff.
  • Prolonged sleeping is prohibited.

Dress appropriately for a public space

Clothing, including shirts, pants, shoes or articles of a similar nature, is required while using the Library.

Leave Library property promptly when asked

Leave Library premises at closing time.
Trespassing at any time is not allowed.

To keep everyone safe, the following are prohibited

  • Abuse of any kind toward others including engaging in activities that may result in intimidation, injury or harm to Library patrons or employees.
  • Using profanity or bullying.
  • Weapons.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Illegal substances.
  • Smoking or vaping.
  • Exhibiting signs of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Viewing pornographic visual materials or content that by contemporary community standards would be considered obscene.
  • Filming, recording, photographing persons in the Library without prior consent from the person being photographed and the City Librarian
  • Vandalism to or theft of any Library or personal property or material.
  • Leaving personal belongings unattended in the Library.
  • Bringing bicycles, riding skates, roller shoes, scooters, skateboards, or using similar devices anywhere on Library property.

Persons who violate any of these rules or guidelines will be asked to immediately stop such actions, may be asked to leave the Library premises and/or may have their privileges to use Library services and resources suspended. Anyone refusing to leave after being directed to do so by a Library staff member or a peace officer is guilty of a misdemeanor [California Penal Code 602.1 (b)]