Rules Of Conduct

Welcome to the Carpinteria Community Library. These rules of conduct are for the comfort, safety and protection of all Library patrons and Library staff. Library staff will firmly and courteously enforce these rules. We ask for your cooperation in maintaining an environment conducive to enjoyable use of the Library for all.


  1. Physical abuse or assault;
  2. Fighting or challenging to fight;
  3. Making violent and threatening statements;
  4. Engaging in or soliciting any sexual act, and
  5. Damaging or destroying Library property.


These examples are provided as an illustration. This is not an exhaustive list. Any patron displaying any dangerous, destructive, or illegal behaviors will be instructed to leave the Library immediately. Police will be called and appropriate legal action will follow. In addition to immediate removal from the Library and possible criminal prosecution. a patron exhibiting such behaviors will have their Library privileges suspended for up to one year, depending upon the severity of the situation. Furthermore, any patron threatening or harassing library staff will cause to have a Restraining Order filed against them by the City Attorney’s Office.


These examples are provided as an illustration. This is not an exhaustive list.

  1. Refusal to follow direction from Library staff.
  2. Engaging in any activity prohibited by law.
  3. Threatening or harassing behavior (including, but not limited to, battery, verbal threats, hate speech, stalking, offensive staring, gestures, or touching).
  4. The following are prohibited:
    • Weapons
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Illegal substances
    • Exhibiting signs of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Leaving the Library with materials that have not been checked out.
  6. Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes or vape pens) anywhere on Library property.
  7. Fraudulent use of another’s Library card and/or number for any purpose.
  8. Leaving animals unattended anywhere on Library property.
  9. Entering Library with animals other than service animals authorized by the Americans with Disabilities Act.9.
  10. Bringing bedding, including but not limited to sleeping bags or bed-rolls into the Library or onto Library grounds.
  11. People, animals or property must not block aisles, doorways, or ramps. ln order to facilitate this, objects larger than 27″ x21″ x 14″ such as carts and luggage, or a combination of personal items that make up a similar volume, may not be brought onto Library grounds or into Library facilities, with the exception of wheelchairs and strollers used for the actual transport of a person or child.
  12. Personal belongings may not be left unattended in library facilities or on grounds. Unattended items will be removed and are subject to the Lost and Unclaimed Personal Property and Abandoned Property Found on City-Owned Property.
  13. Using Library facilities or grounds for other than their intended purpose, including: remaining on Library exterior premises more than 60 minutes, using library restrooms or water fountains for bathing, shaving, or washing clothing or dishes. Loitering in the restrooms.
  14. Misusing Library spaces that are designated for particular Library users. Such spaces vary and include, but are not limited to the Children’s Room which is reserved for children under 18 and their caregivers, or patrons using the children’s collections at the discretion of Library staff.
  15. Altering Library computer software or hardware.
  16. Eating anywhere other than a designated eating area inside the Library.
  17. Drinking beverages without a secure top.
  18. Using more than one seat or table space per person.
  19. Disturbing or annoying anyone with loud and/or unreasonable noise including but not limited to talking loudly in a manner that disturbs others
  20. Talking loudly on cell phones (ringers must be set to the “vibrate” setting)
  21. The use of electronic devices such as radios, music players, video games and computers without headphones. The volume must be inaudible to others.
  22. Emitting strong, pervasive odors, including odors caused by perfume or poor personal hygiene, so as to interfere with other patrons’ ability to use the Library.
  23. Failing to Wear shirt/top, pants/skirt, and shoes. Patrons may not remove shoes or garments covering their upper and lower torsos while in the library.
  24. Recording, photographing, or filming persons in the library without prior consent from the City Librarian or designee and from the person(s) being recorded, photographed, or filmed.
  25. Leaving children under the age of eight (8) unattended by a parent or authorized person age 14 or older.
  26. Entering Library with bicycles, riding skates, roller shoes, scooters, skateboards, or using other similar devices anywhere on Library Property, or locking bicycles or other similar devices to anything other than an official bike rack.
  27. No oversized belongings such as carts may be brought on Library property or left on Library grounds
  28. Selling merchandise or services without written permission from the City Librarian or designee.
  29. Refusing to leave library premises at closing time or trespassing at any time.


  1. INITIAL VIOLATION (e.g. notification of violation and reference to Rules of Conduct);
  2. IF ASKED TO LEAVE the Library due to refusal to Correct the issue(s), patron suspended at minimum for one full week;
  3. SUSPENSION OF LIBRARY PRIVILEGES including removal from, and denial of access to the entire Veterans Memorial Hall facility for a period to be determined by the City Librarian or his/her designee. Suspension periods may be seven days, 30 days, six months, or one year. Guardians of minors may be notified. IF POLICE ARE CALLED due to refusal to leave the Library, there will be an automatic suspension of at least six months.
  4. CRIMINAL SANCTIONS. (Per City of Carpinteria Municipal Code Chapter 1.08.10). The above remedies may be cumulatively applied.
  5. APPEAL OF SUSPENSION: Anyone who has been suspended from Library for more than one full week may challenge the suspension. To request a review of the suspension, SUBMIT A STATEMENT including the reasons for requesting an appeal. Sign, date, provide contact information, and deliver it to the City Librarian. The written appeal will be reviewed by the City Librarian or their designee within 10 business days of the receipt of the request. The suspension will remain in effect during the appeal process. The City Librarian’s decision is final.