Author Donation Policy

The Carpinteria Community Library appreciates the willingness of authors to contribute their items to our collection. All donations are irrevocable and are accepted with the understanding that the items become the property of the Library.

No conditions may be imposed on the Library in its acceptance of any gift or donation. Items will not be held or returned to individuals.

The Carpinteria Community Library generally does not add books to the collection that have been self-published. Donations must be professionally printed and bound (no spiral or comb bindings). The Library does not accept electronic or “print on demand” titles. Books with pages designed to be filled in by the reader or torn out are not appropriate for the library collection. The Library makes the final decision on the use or other disposition of the gift material.

Examples of materials that may not be added to the collection include those that are:

  • Outdated
  • In poor physical condition
  • Lack any reviews or are poorly reviewed in professional reviewing sources
  • Duplicates of items which the Library already owns in sufficient quantity
  • Subject matter which the Library already owns in sufficient quantity

Gift materials will be added only if they fall within the guidelines of the Library’s Collection Development Policy. The Library applies the same standards to gift materials as it does when selecting materials for purchase. The Library shall determine how to best utilize any item in accordance with the Library’s standards and practices.

Materials that are accepted and added to the collection will be subject to the same standards as any other library material and may be reconsidered, weeded, and withdrawn in the course of time. Titles that are discarded, lost, or withdrawn are not automatically replaced or reordered.

The Library is under no obligation to promote individual books, authors, nor provide authors with a programming platform.