Meeting Room Policy

Rules for Use of the Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are available to local non-commercial organizations and individuals located within the service area of the Carpinteria Community Library. The Carpinteria Community Library and the City of Carpinteria have no affiliation with any organization paying for use of the meeting rooms or gallery spaces at any library facility.


The purpose of the library meeting rooms is to support the services, activities, and function of the Carpinteria Community Library. The Carpinteria Community Library provides public access to meeting rooms to encourage library use and to facilitate the library’s role as a center of community activity.

General Rules for Use of Meeting Rooms:

Publicity & flyers:

  1. Publicity notices promoting a meeting or event being sponsored by an outside group or organization must include the following disclaimer: “The Carpinteria Community Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of the meetings or meeting room users”.
  2. Publicity notices/public fliers promoting a meeting must be shown to the City Librarian or his or her designee for approval prior to distribution to ensure disclaimer is present.
  3. Applicant wishing to put up displays or decorations must first obtain permission to do so. Items shall not be taped or tacked to painted walls.
  4. Only library programs and library co-sponsored programs will be advertised on the Library calendar.
  5. Flyers or notices relating to the meeting may only be posted on the Library community board. Posting of flyers or literature of any kind – on library doors, walls, posts, windows, or grounds is not allowed at any time.

Access to space:

  1. Applicant must be in attendance for the entire time the reservation is in effect.
  2. For groups composed primarily of minors, applicant agrees to have one adult in attendance in a supervisory capacity for every five minors.
  3. The use of chairs, tables and/or lectern may be reserved, subject to availability, on the Application for Use of Meeting Room. No equipment or furnishings (tables, chairs, etc.) shall be removed from the premises of the meeting room. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for setting up chairs and other equipment, for restacking chairs at the close of the meeting, and for leaving the room as they found it.
  4. Library open hours are accessible online at With prior arrangement, meeting rooms may be used during non-open hours. Meeting rooms are available seven days a week, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Activities during an event:

  1. The meeting room is to be used for stated purpose only.
  2. The sponsoring organization will be solely responsible for providing and operating its own equipment, displays and other materials used at the meeting, including audio-visual equipment.
  3. Authorized individuals and groups shall report to Library staff any irregularities, serious problems or emergencies related to the use of the meeting room as soon as possible. If no staff is present during an emergency, individuals or groups should immediately call 911.
  4. Library staff is not available to supervise, nor help with any non-library activities or meetings.
  5. The set-up and break-down of the event is considered as part of the rental time. Tables, chairs, etc. will be in the meeting room prior to the “start time.” Set up may not occur prior to this time. The room must be cleared by the end of the rental period.
  6. Refreshments may be served. Alcohol may be served, providing a one-day alcohol license is presented with application. Contact the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for details. Proof of said license will be required at all times during the event.
  7. The meeting rooms may not be used for the sale or exchange of goods and services other than library sponsored.
  8. Groups may show films when they present written proof that the group has public performance rights to show the film in the Library.

Public Access:

  1. Meetings and events must be open to the public with the exception of certain City, County, State or Federal Government meetings. Doors to the meeting rooms must remain unlocked at all times unless Library Administration agrees or requests otherwise. If prior arrangements have been made to hold a private meeting, or meeting requiring a charge or suggested donation, and applicant has paid in accordance with any Carpinteria City Council Resolution on fees charged for use of City facilities, then this rule does not apply.
  2. Meeting rooms are available only for non-commercial purposes. Meetings must be open to the general public, and be free of any charge and/or solicitations for commercial transactions or membership other than library sponsored.

Obeying the rules:

  1. Authorized individuals and groups shall agree to comply and accept all policies, rules and regulations pertaining to the use of Library property. The Carpinteria Community Library Rules of Conduct is accessible online at and incorporated herein by reference.
    Any violation of said policies, rules and regulations shall be cause for event cancellation and immediate departure from the Library. Authorized individuals or groups shall be solely responsible for the conduct of members or participants in any activity authorized to be held and for the use of all properties, equipment, or other resources therein; and shall agree to be responsible for any damages, mistreatment or theft of Library property or exhibited materials, and to pay the cost of any repairs or replacement therefore.
  2. Smoking is not allowed on Library property.
  3. To ensure fire safety, at no time shall any exits be covered or obstructed during the event.
  4. Permission may be withheld from person(s) or groups that have caused damage to the meeting room, caused a disturbance, or failed to comply with the Library’s rules and regulations.

Applying for Use of Meeting Rooms:

  1. The City Librarian or designee will approve or disapprove the application. If received by mail, a confirmation and appropriate forms are emailed to you.
  2. Authorized individual reserving the room must be 18 years of age or older and show valid government issued identification.
  3. No person(s) or group may assign its reservation to another group.
  4. The meeting rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Library meetings take precedence over all other use. The Library reserves the right to change meeting rooms or cancel use of meeting rooms by an outside organization if the City Librarian determines the space is needed for Library purposes. As much notice as possible beforehand will be provided to the group(s) affected by a change.
  5. Approval for use of meeting room or exhibit space only until the City Librarian or designee has signed the application form and full payment has been received. Full payment must be made at the time of application. Event dates will not be held or confirmed before an application is approved.
  6. The Library must be informed of any cancellations. Refunds will be given with written notice of cancellation at least (7) days prior to the event.
  7. Permission to use the meeting rooms or galleries is not transferable.
  8. No group may consider the Library its permanent meeting place or use the Library as its mailing address.